Jumping Carnival 09/10
The events and the songs are not in order.

Yamada in platinum hair
Super delicate - takaki/keito, inoo/chinen, yabu/daiki, yuto/Yama and hikaru alone. Hikaru use the kasuga gag where he pointed to the space underneath his arm and said it is open and asked Yuto or Yama to enter but they both rejected him
UMP - yaotome did the pose like the kasuga gag during his duet lines with yabu and yabu swept in and entered into yaotome's arm. During the rap, yabu did it whole hikaru hold the mic. Can see yabu was trying to rap really hard and hikaru kept pulling mic further and further from him but yabu eventually manage to finish rapping. Yutoyamachine faced the camera together and were posing for the camera but yamada didn't do it and just kept pointing at the camera. Yuto laughed and flicked at his cheek (not too sure about this one because I only manage to catch the last part. Not sure if it was during this song as well)
Tada Mae E - Yama sung his solo lines passionately to Yuto and ended up got embarrassed and laughed. Chinen was smirking when Yama sang to Yuto
PSLM - the 'ne' part, chinen turned his face to inoo, inoo turned to Yuto, yuto turned to takaki and takaki whispered his part to Yuto. The last part, Yuto said he will give chinen his carrot and inoo said he will give him a big sanma.
Best part - takaki is construction worker, yabu is an author and only two people bought his book which are his dad and mom, inoo is a sushi chef, hikaru is an adventurer and caught a python and asked inoo to please prepare a dish with his python, inoo started wrangling the python, daiki is a security guard. He said that he recently been the security guard for the jump concert and that jump is cool especially Arioka daiki. Inoo asked what do they want to eat and hikaru answered paella. Inoo started serving paella and while they were eating, daiki started crying. Everyone started asking why is he crying but inoo said that it looks like daiki is not ready for his paella yet. Daiki start becoming emotional and said that this is not how he imagined the five of them. Hikaru fly kicked him and yabu and takaki restrained hikaru while inoo shouted for them not to fight. Daiki said that he imagined all of them to be in suits and takaki, yabu and hikaru said that they want to be in suits too. Inoo then asked them if they want to go to izu. They got confused and inoo repeated his question on whether they want to wear suit and go izu. It is a pun of 'Suitsu de izu = Suitsu deizu (Suits Days). During the song, there was a mannequin wearing a suit and all of them pretended to dance with it. Then at the end, each of them stand behind the mannequin and asked if they look good in the suit except daiki because the mannequin was too tall for him so his head couldn't reach.
Viva 9 soul - during chinen intro by daiki, he acted cute and at the end did a backflip, during yabu intro by chinen, his 'na na na na' was so high pitch, during keito intro by Yuto, yuto rapped like a rock star, during inoo intro by takaki, yuto suddenly cut in and blocked inoo, during yamada intro, his 'ahhh' and 'yeah' gotten a lot of screaming from fangirls. Lastly, the dj daiki call, at the end daiki asked if he still doesn't get any proper intro and yaotome and yamada just shook their head at him.
MC - position from left to right (hikaru, keito, daiki, yuto, yamada, chinen, inoo, takaki, yabu) they all exclaiming how hot is it in October and how summer is over. Then they bugged takaki to say his quote about summer and takaki said that summer is not over until he says it's over. All: kakkoi~~~ Then takaki continued saying that it might be over soon though. Then they laughed and continued teasing him about how he likes summer so much and he also said that he is still setting his room temperature to 19 Celsius. Then they started talking about 24hr and thanked everyone for their support. They said that they were really busy at that time and were glad when it was over. Yamada said that after the show is over, takaki sent a message in a group saying he love jump the most and did an impression of takaki saying that. Then everyone apparently replied with their own message of how much they love jump in the group chat as well and apparently inoo is the only one that didn't send a message. Inoo : I still haven't send mine. All proceeded to complain and asked inoo to say it here now then. Inoo explained that it was embarassing to say those words to the group. The group made noise again that that's why it was said as a message so it will not be embarassing. Yabu then went on to say that everyone has their way of showing love. Takaki said that after 24hr was over, he got a message from aiba-kun that said thanks for the hard work, rest well and take it easy and don't need to reply to his message. The other members were impressed and then yaotome said he got a message too that said he had worked hard and asked him to rest well. Then he added on that it was from his mother. The rest laughed and I think yabu tsukkomi-ed him by saying something but it caused a silence for a while. Guess yaotome don't know how to reply XD yamada commented about how lucky they were that they were always busy with work. Like itadaki and also little Tokyo life. Yamada added about how daiki and hikaru are regulars in hirunandesu as well. Hikaru and daiki walked closer to each other but keito was in the middle. Then they started complaining how the mood was good between hikaru and daiki and keito is really bothering by standing between them. Someone commented about how keito has to be standing beside keito to feel safe. Hikaru then asked keito on what he thinks of him. Keito answered 'oniichan' and hikaru said it is so creepy. Yabu added to tell keito not to make someone of the same group as your brother. daiki continued by commenting how today he saw chinen was busy with his phone and was curious on what he was doing. When he looked, he saw an inoo folder in Chinen's phone. The rest was surprised including inoo. Chinen said he has a lot of off-shot photos of inoo and was organizing it. So far he has 8 of inoo. The members asked how many photos he has and he said he has around 100. Inoo exclaimed that his photos is 8 out of 100 in Chinen's phone. Yabu commented about how it was a waste of space. The members asked if he had other members' photos and chinen said he has 2 of yamada in a tank top which you can see yamada's arm and a little bit more of his body. He said to leave it to the fans' imagination. Yamada commented that he sounds like a perverted old man. One of the member commented that chinen should have daiki as well then but chinen said he would rather look at daiki in person. He showed a very perverted face and daiki looked embarrassed. The rest asked chinen to stop showing that face. Then they continued with the promoting, chinen promoted hisatsu shigotonin and that the shooting is over and will probably release in 2016. Then he continued with promoting gold medalist movie where uchimura-san is the coach. The members commented that he is so lucky to have uchimura-san as a coach. Yamada asked chinen on how different is uchimura-san as compared to when he is in school kakumei. Chinen said he is strict and how he need to imitate exactly how uchimura-san does it. The movie release date is probably will be in 2016 as well. Then he continued with another promotion on another movie. He mentioned about how he acted in the mission impossible: samurai last year and yuto added that it is the one with Chinen's bottom shown. He said that there will be a sequel called the return and they are currently shooting for the movie. Inoo suddenly shouted that daiki will investigate or stop chinen(not sure about this. Please tell me if you know what is it), chinen made some weird movements to attack daiki and daiki did some weird pose too. The rest didn't know how to react. Yuto asked chinen to continue his promoting. Yabu told inoo to let chinen finish promoting and don't lead the conversation to daiki instead. Chinen then asked the fans to watch gold medalist movie. Yamada stopped and corrected him saying that it is not the right movie. Chinen corrected and said that the release date for the sequel has not been announced but it should be in 2016. Yamada promoted grasshopper and how his role is different. Yabu commented that his hair is also similar to his role's hair now. Yamada said it was for the purpose of promoting the movie. Daiki also commented how there are action scenes by yamada and yuto added on about how yamada handled the knife. He then asked the fans to please watch the movie. After that, it is yuto's time to promote pink and grey. He said he went to busan recently for the red carpet but his plane was delayed due to some circumstances so he missed the red carpet event. But they had an event and he said he saw there were a lot of Japanese there and asked if any of us were there. None of the fans raise their hands. Yabu commented that it seemed like none of them from yokoari were there. Yuto seemed a bit surprised and then continued saying he saw other fans from other countries as well like China, Hong Kong etc. The movie is coming out soon and yuto asked the fans to please watch. By that time, yamada and keito went to change. Daiki promoted his new drama, okitegami kyoko, and how it is similar to yamada, there is a silver hair character there. The other members exclaimed that they were surprised when daiki initially mentioned yamada and thought yamada is acting in a drama too and they didn't know about it. Daiki explained that his role is an original character made for the drama and is called Narikawa nuru. He explained how his name come from the number zero and that his character has many faces and so. He asked the fans to please watch. Yamada and keito came out while the rest went back to change.
3/14 - keito asked if they love jump. The fans shouted 'yeah'. Then he asked if the fans love yamada, the fans shouted 'yeah!'. Keito said to yamada that the fans love him and yamada said he loves them too and gave a wink and kiss. Keito said sorry for asking a random question but is there anyone's birthday that is today and some fans raised their hands up. Yamada quickly said that he was sure that some of them are lying. Keito then asked again and some fans raised their hands again. Keito then said he dedicate this song to them and started strumming his guitar. Yamada tried to stop him but keito already started playing the beginning of the birthday melody and suddenly stopped and said 'happy birthday'. Then they talked about how hard they work on the song. They went karaoke and was practicing singing the song. Then they went to cafe to discuss the song. Yamada added about how they toast to themselves that the song will be successful. Yamada became embarrassed after saying that and laughed out loud. He then commented about how this is the first song where keito will have a guitar solo after 7 years. In the middle of the song, yamada sang his part without any music at all, singing every sentence while showing a teary emotional face.
Koro-sensations- they showed a vtr on how the whole jump had been trapped by a net by an unknown person. Each of them said something to the unknown person asking who is he and why he is doing this. Daiki was talking with his face covered by a net, yabu made a puppet face with his hands while talking. Yuto talking in his hanzawa naoki mode. Keito was chained and yamada was holding the chain. Yamada looked like he is possessed. Inoo mouth was taped. He peeled the tape off to say something and then put the tape back on his mouth and continued mumbling through the tape. The rest just stared at him weirdly. Then the unknown person revealed themselves to be sensations and that they will takeover the performance for a while. After they performed the song, there was vtr showing the trailer for the first ansatsu movie and then ended with a scene to show that the sequel graduation is coming. That's why yamada didn't promote it during the Mc. Koro-sensations then said they will pass the stage back to jump.
Kimi ato - today they performed the song that will be released in 21st with the new costumes. They didn't perform the part where they were like in a roller coaster.
Very very happy - Yuto messed up his lines and said 'ah! Gomenasai!'

Sorry for the bad quality of the concert report. I am just trying to put in whatever I remember from the concert. Will clean it up when I have time and will also add more if I remember more.

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